“European Calvinism: Church Discipline” at EGO

I had the privilege of collaborating with Brad Littlejohn on an article that was recently published at EGO | European History Online, a valuable digital reference project intended to be “a transcultural history of Europe on the Internet.”

As we note in our apparatus, we made extensive use of the Post-Reformation Digital Library in locating source material, and it is appropriate again to highlight here the usefulness of that tool for a variety of efforts of secondary scholarship.

Our piece, “European Calvinism: Church Discipline,” argues:

While most Reformed churches shared a stress on the importance of discipline, its implementation varied considerably from region to region, due to varying political circumstances and theological emphases. Such differences, however, did not rise to the level of confessional disagreements, and traditional dichotomies between ecclesiologies modeled on Zürich and Geneva, or two-mark and three-mark ecclesiologies, are often overstated.

Take some time to explore the other entries that are already available, such as “Wittenberg Influences on the Reformation in Scandinavia,” and “Religious Orders as Transnational Networks of the Catholic Church,” which has a section on the development of the Jesuits and the transitions in orders after the Reformation. The item “The Wittenberg Reformation as a Media Event” has particular relevance for the voluminous production of source material from the early modern period, which now forms the basis for research tools like PRDL.