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Jordan J. Ballor, Project Director & Jay T. Collier, Project Coordinator

The Junius Institute Colloquium services the doctoral program at Calvin Theological Seminary by providing candidates an outlet to present research on their dissertations and to be exposed to research projects in progress from graduates and established scholars. Such a practice provides motivation for candidates to work through the dissertation, valuable feedback from other historians that will help improve the dissertation, and experience in publicly presenting and defending research material. The colloquium is committed to disseminating and promoting digital scholarship, and aims to foster collegiality among those who value the intellectual history of the Reformation and post-Reformation eras. The Junius Institute Colloquium is open to the public and welcomes visiting students, scholars, and researchers from other institutions.

Archived colloquium lectures (2013-)

Spring 2016 Schedule

When: Friday, February 5, 3:00pm
Presenter: Rhys Bezzant
Topic: “The Surprising Mentoring Ministry of Edwards: Learning the Art of Leadership Development”
Location: Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Room 118a

When: Friday, March 11, 3:00pm
Presenter: Jonathon Beeke
Topic: “John Calvin on the Twofold Kingdom of Christ”
Location: Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Room 118a

When: Thursday, March 31–Friday, April 1
Presenters: Riemer Faber, Dolf te Velde, Keith Stanglin, Raymond Blacketer, Donald Sinnema, Martin Klauber, Michael Lynch, Todd Rester, Mark Beach
Topic: The Leiden Synopsis Purioris Theologiae (1625) and Theological Disputation in the Era of Orthodoxy
Location: Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Chapel

When: Friday, May 13, 3:00pm
Presenter: Jeff Fisher
Topic: “Johannes Oecolampadius and the Christoscopic Reading of Scripture”
Location: Kuyper College, West Dining Hall

The Leiden Synopsis Purioris Theologiae (1625) and Theological Disputation in the Era of Orthodoxy

Thursday, March 31

6:30pm Plenary 1

Keith Stanglin, “How Much Purer Is the Synopsis Purioris Theologiae? A Comparison of Leiden Theology before and after Dordt”

Friday, April 1

9:00am Panel 1

Donald Sinnema, “The First Edition of William Ames’s Medulla (1623) as a Disputation Cycle: A Precursor to the Synopsis”

Raymond Blacketer, “The Sabbath in the Synopsis”

Mark Beach, “No Longer Totally Depraved: Free Choice in the Regenerate according to the Synopsis Purioris Theologiae”

10:30 Break

11:00am Plenary 2

Riemer Faber, “Presiders, Respondents, and the Question of the Authorship of the Disputations”

12:30 Lunch Break

2:00 Panel 2

Martin Klauber, “Pierre du Moulin: Disputation and Debate over Universal Grace at the Academy of Sedan”

Michael Lynch, “Antonius Walaeus and De Baptismo: A Case Study in the Reception History of the Leiden Synopsis”

Todd Rester, “From the Synopsis Purioris to Marckius and De Moor: A Trajectory of Doctrine, Pedagogy, and Institutional Continuity”

3:30 Plenary 3

Dolf te Velde, “Synopsis Purioris Theologiae: Profile of a Reformed Theology”