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PRDL Scholastica

The academy in early modern Europe was an institution of significant social, intellectual, and spiritual development. Schools were instrumental for the success of reform and counter-reform movements, both for the dissemination and sharpening of academic discourse as well as for the popularization of piety through pastoral education. The Scholastica project is an attempt to recognize these aspects of early modern period in existing and new tools for historical research. To this end, where possible, affiliation information has been added to the figures listed in the Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL), along with relevant faculty or faculties and dates of service. Separate listings at the academy level allow for searching across faculties and over larger stretches of time. This can provide a picture of the intellectual legacies and development across generations at particular institutions as well as provide a greater sensitivity to the importance of academic institutions to the Reformation and post-Reformation eras.